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Academic Planners 2021

Time management is a challenge for everyone but can be especially difficult for students. Between homework, school, extracurricular activities, family, friends, jobs, and more, a student’s time is truly not their own.

Does your student have difficulty balancing after-school activities and homework? Are homework assignments missed due to poor planning and time management? Support your student with this specially designed Academic Planner.

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Why it Works:

academic plannerIt’s Easy to Use

Assignments, due dates, and after-school activities can be seen at a glance.

It’s Functional 

Homework and studying are easily scheduled during “available” times.

It Puts the Student in Control

Students can plan time for schoolwork around after-school activities without leaving things until the last minute. Special features include:

  • A customizable index page at the front of the planner enables students to record their class only once. Mitigates forgetfulness and frustration.
  • Weekly planner pages line up on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy method for students to record and review their weekly schedules.
  • Days of the week are listed horizontally across the planner, allowing students to quickly see assignments and due dates and creating a continuity that is critical to developing time management skills.
  • Includes space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments, allowing students to PLAN their weekly workload.
  • The unique grid system quickly reveals both scheduled and available blocks of time, facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.
  • Larger size pages allow for more room to write assignments and appointments.
  • The handy vinyl back pocket holds notes, slips and other necessary papers.
  • Based on a school calendar (July to June).

Learn How to Use Your Planner Like a Pro!

Read our blog post – 12 Steps to Use Your Planner Like a Pro – for additional tips on how to get the best results from your academic planner!

Skills4Life is an Order Out of Chaos affiliate

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