Annual Guide for Fun, Educational Gifts for Children

I’m excited to share my fifth annual holiday gift guide with you! I’ve added new educational and therapeutic games, toys, and activities to allow your child to have fun while learning. Many games focus on multiple skill sets and therefore may be listed under more than one category. The games are organized based on the skill sets.. read more →

10 Strategies for Managing ADHD at Home

Having a child with ADHD can be challenging.They may miss important instructions, have difficulty sitting still, struggle to keep their eyes on what they are doing, or be too distracted to carry out basic daily tasks. Some of the parents I work with are desperate for ways to help manage their children’s symptoms at home.. read more →

Resources and Tips for Parents of Children with Dyslexia

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, a topic near and dear to my heart since many of my students are dyslexic. Students with this hereditary language processing disorder may have difficulties isolating sounds, sounding out words (decoding), and accurately reading. Spelling can even be more of a challenge making writing a frustrating process. In addition, many.. read more →

Skills 4 Life is Growing!

After years of dedication to growing my business and providing the best to all of my students, I am proud to announce that my team at Skills 4 Life is expanding. Knowing when to hire new team members is an art and a risk, and I couldn’t be happier to join forces with Allyson Bowman –.. read more →

10 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Middle School

Transitioning to middle school can be an exciting, yet stressful and scary time for both you and your child. Be sure to put these 10 tips on your to-do list to help your student make the transition successfully. 1. Visit your child’s new school once or twice before school starts to help them navigate the.. read more →

Have Fun & Improve Typing Skills this Summer

For students who struggle with handwriting and getting their thoughts on paper efficiently, becoming proficient with keyboarding can be a life changing skill. It’s also a critical skill 4 life for students with typical learning profiles. After helping dozens of students learn to touch type this summer during my keyboarding intensives, parents inevitably ask what their child can.. read more →

10 Time Management Strategies for Student Success

Time management is a challenge for everyone; especially for middle and high school students. Between homework, school, after school activities, family, friends, jobs and more, their time is truly NOT their own. And in this fast-paced culture, effective time-management skills are essential. How can you help your student master basic time management strategies? Here are.. read more →

12 Ways to Make Handwriting Practice Fun

Handwriting practice is extremely valuable for multiple reasons, yet many students are resistive to doing it. Check out these valuable tips and tricks to help your child make the most of their handwriting practice. Handwriting strengthens fine motor and cognitive skills and builds self-confidence and self-esteem. When students have difficulty with handwriting, more often than.. read more →

10 Tips for Successful Proofreading

Does your child incorporate proofreading as part of their written work? Most of my students think that as soon as they put their final ending punctuation mark on their writing, it’s done! The ability to assess and correct one’s own performance is a metacognitive skill. When students have a weakness in this area, they may neglect.. read more →

Top 10 Organizing Tips for Parents

Disorganization and clutter can make parenting stressful. Eliminating mental and physical clutter makes life more manageable, creates space for pursuing goals and dreams, and allows you to spend more time with those you love. read more →