Help Your Child Manage Test Anxiety

Help Your Child Manage Test Anxiety

Top 3 Tips to Help Your Child Manage Test Anxiety

This guest post is written by Dr. Aviva Bass-Huh, a licensed clinical psychologist in Boulder, CO.

We all want our children to do well at school and it can be frustrating when you watch your child show up and do the work but then not test well. For many students, test anxiety hinders their ability to perform. When children are anxious, it affects how they think, what they feel in their bodies and what they do. These three parts interact, and a change in one influences the others.

For example, just hearing about an upcoming test can trigger the fear of failure and paralyzing self-doubt in a child. If the student thinks they’ll get a bad grade, they may become nauseous and start to fidget. As a result, their anxiety escalates further, and the child feels like all the material they’ve learned has slipped out of their mind, preventing their ability to perform well on the test.

This cycle is fairly common. Fortunately, there are some simple steps students can take to manage their test anxiety. Here’s the top three ways your child can harness their anxiety and use it to perform better on exams:


Strategies to Improve Your Study Skills

Strategies to Improve Your Study Skills

Children are taught new information every day in school, but in order for it be meaningful or useful, they have to be able to remember what they learn and apply it in different contexts.

Improve Your Study Skills for Lifelong Learning

Studying teaches children (and adults) how to grasp concepts efficiently – a skill that they’ll use in the classroom as well as the boardroom. Therefore, study skills aren’t just important for acing this semester’s test, they’re also important for how we learn throughout our life.

The best way to develop effective study skills is through strategy and practice. So, let’s discuss some of best strategies for building strong study skills: (more…)

Test Taking Tips to Help Students ACE Their Exams

Test Taking Tips to Help Students ACE Their Exams

It’s test-taking time and who wouldn’t want to guarantee success in ALL subjects? Luckily, there are several strategies that can help you to regulate your nerves and focus come test day. These helpful tips will improve information recall and processing speed.

If you utilize these tips along with bringing a positive attitude and a well-rested and well-fed YOU to school, then your test-taking skills will be unstoppable!

Techniques for success in ANY exam: (more…)

Creating a Successful Study Space

Having a study space that is both comfortable and fully equipped with school supplies can make doing homework more efficient and fun.

Start by deciding where you like to do your homework. Some students prefer to study in a quiet, private environment while others prefer to be in a centrally located space (like the dining room or family room) around other family members. (more…)