Early Intervention Services Enhance Brain Development

An infant’s experiences have long-lasting effects on their ability to learn, regulate their emotions, connect socially, and sequentially develop for optimal neurological function. When there is an absence of appropriate experiences and learning opportunities in a child’s environment, the brain’s development can be stunted.

However, if ample learning opportunities are provided, brain development is facilitated and enhanced. Once born, a child’s brain develops through safe attachment, rich sensory experiences and the formation of implicit memories. The earlier and the more often “correct” learning experiences occur, the stronger those behaviors and skills are secured in a child’s brain. “Yrma is absolutely fantastic! She has so much energy and passion for what she does and of course that is contagious for the children. She connected with our son so well and knew exactly how to focus and engage him. We are so excited for her to work with him.”

The Earlier The Intervention, The Better

Studies in early childhood development have shown that young brains have an incredible potential for change. Children with developmental delays often experience the wiring of neurons together in a manner that is “unhelpful,” causing them to struggle with communication, social skills and other activities essential for daily life. These “unhelpful” connections need to be corrected and changed.

Amazingly, with intensive stimulation, the brain has the capacity to forge new pathways and build circuits that are more helpful and functional, but timing is crucial. The earlier the brain is exposed to “helpful” experiences, the better those connections will be, and the stronger and more available those behaviors will be to the child. Research indicates that helping children with special needs in early developmental stages improves their outcomes and future life skills yielding a tremendous amount of progress in children by the time they enter kindergarten.  This often reduces the need for intensive supports and decreases healthcare expense later in life.

Three Ways Early Intervention Can Help

Early Intervention services improve and enhance the neurological development of a child with delays, special needs, or developmental concerns.  Early therapeutic interventions have shown to be beneficial well beyond their developmental years and helps keep these children on a path to making the most of their abilities to develop skills they will need to function to their fullest potential.

Early Intervention helps build a nurturing and supportive environment for the entire family. It provides professional assistance and support for parents and siblings of children with special needs, decreasing frustration, stress, disappointment, helplessness, and caregiver burnout. 

Early Intervention also helps to set a firm foundation for key developmental progression that will set the pace for later skills, offer greater opportunities for the child, and aid in later academic success. If we correctly understand a child’s skill deficits and design a program that appropriately stimulates neural circuits and targeted areas of their development, we can exercise and strengthen key areas of the brain to develop language, social skills etc.”We can say without a doubt Yrma has changed the trajectory of our son’s life. After starting the reflex integration work we are seeing concrete, visible changes in our son’s hand eye coordination, ability to cross midline, success in crawling, catching a ball & much more. But more importantly, the filling of these gaps in his development has given our son the confidence & mental ability to regulate his body, make friends, & thrive at school. Thank you Yrma.”

Skills 4 Life Now Offers Early Intervention Services

Skills 4 Life now offers early intervention services with Yrma Perdomo, MS OTR/L. Yrma is a gifted therapist who specializes in neurodevelopmental intervention strategies for children from birth to 4 years old.

Yrma provides the following specific services at Skills 4 Life:

  • Tummy Time Method Classes
  • Sensory Integration
  • Sound Intervention Therapy (SSP + iLS)
  • Reflex Integration (INPP & Masgutova)
  • Hand In Hand Parenting Advocacy

Contact our office at 303.351.1828 or karina@skills4lifeot.com to learn more today!

About Skills 4 Life:

Skills 4 Life offers a broad range of pediatric occupational therapy services to children from birth to high school. We help children master age-appropriate developmental skills, become more independent, increase academic success, & develop confidence. The experts at Skills 4 Life specialize in handwriting, keyboarding, & executive function coaching. We also work with children on the building blocks of writing, social & emotional learning, motor skills, self-regulation strategies, sensory integration, early intervention, & activities of daily living. Skills 4 Life offers your child a safe, compassionate environment to learn the critical skills they need to succeed in learning and life. Learn more about our team & services at www.skills4lifeot.com. You also can contact our office by email at karina@skills4lifeot.com or by phone at 303.351.1828 for a free consultation.

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