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Skills 4 Life Now Offers Online Executive Function Coaching for Families in Colorado

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Executive functions are the brain-based skills needed to plan and implement what we need to do in order to achieve a desired goal.

They govern our perceptions, thoughts, and actions, and include skill such as:

  • Focusing, shifting, and sustaining attention
  • Inhibiting responses and controlling emotions (self-regulation)
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Planning, prioritizing, and initiating tasks
  • Organizing materials and information
  • Sensing, estimating, and managing time
  • Working memory
  • Self-monitoring and self-assessment (metacognition)
  • Setting and achieving goals

Many children and teens with ADHD struggle with executive function skills or lack the self-awareness of when to use them. As students progress in school, the demand for executive function skills increase while teacher support typically decreases. At the same time, your child or teen may be less willing to accept your help managing their tasks and timelines.

The therapists at Skills 4 Life specialize in executive function coaching and organization. They love teaching students practical and effective strategies to develop and improve their executive function skills.

Children and teens that benefit from executive function coaching:

  • Have difficulty paying attention and are easily distracted
  • Need directions repeated multiple times
  • Have difficulty getting through their morning routine and out the door on time
  • May not know what their homework assignments are
  • Find it hard to get started on tasks
  • Have difficulty organizing and developing their thoughts to produce written work
  • Make careless mistakes and don’t check their work for accuracy
  • Forget to do their homework or put it off until right before bed
  • Lack the ability to estimate how long tasks take to complete
  • Do their homework, but then forget to turn it in
  • Consistently misplace things
  • Carry everything but the kitchen sink in their backpack
  • Frequently arrive late for class
  • Have a hard time transitioning from one task to another
  • Complete tasks quickly and sloppily or slowly and incompletely

Skills 4 Life therapists will help your child or teen develop strategies to improve executive function skills, including:

  • Developing an internal sense of the sweep of time
  • Time and self-management skills
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Developing effective writing skills
  • Project management
  • Completing homework and turning it in on time
  • Self-monitoring and metacognitive skills
  • Managing materials and paper flow
  • Creating efficient study spaces and routines
  • Developing successful study strategies

Executive Function Coaching is available for children in elementary school through high schoolContact Skills 4 Life to learn more or schedule a lesson.

You can also see the full executive function summer class schedule here.

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