Executive Function Workshop for High Schoolers

Prepare your child for High School with our Executive Function Workshop

Could your teen benefit from learning executive function skill sets to help prepare them for the heavier workload of high school and the impending transition to college? 

This two-part hands-on workshop will help your teen access their true potential by developing and practicing applicable executive function strategies, both individually and via group work. 

This workshop is perfect for rising 9th graders looking to bridge the gap between middle school and the increased demands of high school. It’s also ideal for current high school students who need to boost their executive function skills, providing them with a stronger foundation for success in high school & beyond.


CLASS ONE: Students will LEARN and PRACTICE:

  • Note-taking strategies using various techniques 
  • Planning & prioritization strategies 
  • Time management skills around extracurricular activities
  • Self management skills including accountability and controlling online distractions
  • Project management techniques to beat procrastination and break down tasks into manageable chunks 
  • Teamwork skills with group projects
  • Organizational systems to manage materials and workflow
  • Active study strategies based on how they learn best
  • Test-taking techniques

Executive Function Workshops for High Schoolers


Sept 18, 2021 @ 10:30 AM – 2:45 PM

Individual executive function coaching sessions are available year-round.





Individual sessions are available all year

See our FAQs to review our Payment & Cancellation Policies.

CLASS TWO: Students will LEARN and PRACTICE:

  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Steps for successful essay writing including formatting for MLA/APA
  • Self advocacy skills with peers, teachers, and counselors
  • College prep, including AP classes/tests, SAT/ACT, college essays, and more!

Executive Function Skills Coaching
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