Executive Function Workshop for Middle Schoolers

Prepare your child for Middle School with our Executive Function Workshop

Is your child prepared to succeed in middle school? Do you ever worry that your child’s inattention, poor organizational, planning, time management, and study skills will hinder their success? This hands-on workshop will help your child become more self-sufficient and develop the skills necessary to manage multiple classes, assignments, and materials in middle school.

The Skills 4 Life therapists specialize in executive function coaching and will teach your child practical and effective strategies, providing a strong foundation for success in middle school and beyond.

Students that would benefit from this class:

  • Lack an awareness of time or have poor time management skills
  • May not know what their homework assignments are
  • Procrastinate doing homework or forget to do it altogether
  • Do their homework but then forget to turn it in or lose the completed work
  • Do not break down long-term projects or study for tests
  • Frequently lose or misplace things

“I feel like the things I learned in this workshop will help me during my time at middle school. The organization and planning parts will help me be a more effective planner.” 

Finn O., rising 6th grader

Executive Function Workshops for Middle Schoolers


Fall 2022 @ 10:30 AM – 2:45 PM

This half-day workshop only happens once a year, so save your spot today!

Individual sessions are available all year


Contact Skills 4 Life for class locations.



See our FAQs to review our Payment & Cancellation Policies.

Students will learn how to develop:

  • An internal sense of the sweep of time
  • Time and self-management skill
  • Planning and prioritization strategies
  • Project management techniques to reduce procrastination
  • Techniques for completing homework and turning it in on time
  • Self-monitoring and metacognitive skills
  • Organizational systems to manage materials and paper flow
  • Successful study strategies
  • Strategies to move from intention to action

“This workshop covered every school problem and how to fix it, in a suitable amount of time. The method of how to estimate how long projects and homework take will help me finish school projects accurately and in time.” 

C. L., rising 6th grader

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