Skills 4 Life’s Keyboarding Classes Teach Children to Type in 8 Sessions

Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers keyboarding instruction for students of all ages that struggle with keyboarding or simply need to learn to touch type.

Our keyboarding program benefits students who:

  • Want to learn or master touch typing
  • Have slow or laborious written output
  • Have dysgraphia or dyslexia
  • Think faster than they can write
  • Don’t sufficiently express their knowledge when putting pencil to paper

If your child resorts to hunting and pecking, even after they’ve taken keyboarding courses in school, then Skills 4 Life’s Keyboarding Intensives can help!

Results From Keyboarding Classes

Skills 4 Life’s keyboarding intensives teach children to touch type with speed AND accuracy in as little as eight sessions! Take a look at real results from real students right now! Then, let’s get typing!

Skills 4 Life offers individual and semi-private 8-Day Keyboarding Intensives throughout the year to help your child develop the automatic sensorimotor skills required for efficient touch typing. Additional classes are available for students who would benefit from more than eight sessions.

Learn to Type in 8 Sessions!


8-Day Keyboarding Intensives are available Tuesday to Friday from 6 to 7 pm during the school year.

During the summer months, we offer the class in the morning from 11 am to Noon and in the evening from 5:15 to 6:15 pm.

Contact our office for the next available dates!


5277 Manhattan Circle, Suite 111, Boulder, CO 80303


$760 for one student or $880 for two students.

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

See our FAQs to review our Payment & Cancellation Policies.

“Typing with Karina was a great way to learn typing! From the first day I started, to now, I learned how to type in seven hours, and it was really fun too! I will never forget how to type because of Karina, and it will help me with school studies. I will never stop typing.“
Grey Grey,” age 9

In the Age of Computers, Every Child Should Know How to Type

In today’s society, keyboarding is a necessary skill for the production of written work. It’s a muscle memory competency that’s learned through repetition. Once the execution becomes automatic, keyboarding allows the writer to use their cognitive energy to focus on the flow of ideas rather than the mechanics of typing.

Take a Free Typing Test Right Now

As a result, a student can articulate themselves more clearly. They’re able to concentrate on their assignment, write faster, make fewer mistakes, and edit or revise the composition of their ideas quickly.

Typing is Easier to Learn When You’re Young

Technological Support for DysgraphiaKeyboarding is a motor skill that has to be taught. The younger a person starts, the easier it is to learn. While anyone can learn to type, the occupational therapists at Skills 4 Life believe the optimal time to learn basic touch-typing skills is in second or third grade.

Getting off to the right start is essential. It’s more useful for children to learn how to type using proper finger-key associations than to develop bad habits that become increasingly difficult to change as time goes by. That’s why our program focuses on keeping students’ eyes on the screen, not their hands.

Touch typing relies on muscle memory. Once a student learns the basic mechanics of touch typing, the best way to improve keyboarding skills is through practice, practice, practice! Students can build their skills by spending 20-30 minutes a day doing speed and accuracy drills. You’ll be surprised how quickly your skills improve!

Practice Using Our Top 7 Ways to Improve Keyboarding Skills

If mastered at a young age, strong keyboarding skills will bring many years of benefit, including increased fluidity of thought, improved processing speed, and an increased willingness to write.

“Karina has taught me innumerable life skills. From typing with the correct fingers to being able to plan my weeks ahead, I’ve learned so much from her. I think she is a great life skills teacher and makes getting organized efficient and very fun!”

Jaden A., 7th-grade student

Learn to Type with Speed & AccuracyKeyboarding Touch Typing

Skills 4 Life’s typing classes teach children to touch type in as little as eight sessions. Comparatively, many students attend one to two years of typing class in school without mastering these skills.

Students who take the Skills 4 Life Keyboarding Intensive experience the following results:

  • Attain basic touch-typing skills, including all letters and necessary punctuation keys, in eight sessions.
  • Time permitting, students will learn number and symbol keys, how to type to dictation, as well as practice transcription and composition
  • Students will type at age-appropriate words per minute with a minimum of 90% accuracy

“Typing was hard because I didn’t know how. Karina taught me, and I learned to type without looking at my hands. Now I can type my own papers for school!”

Declan, age 9

More Info About the Skills 4 Life Keyboarding Intensives

Skills 4 Life offers individual and semi-private 8-Day Keyboarding Intensives throughout the year.

We offer 8-Day Keyboarding Intensives from Tuesday to Friday from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. In summer, we provide an additional morning class from 11 am to 12 pm.

Additional classes are available for students who would benefit from more than eight sessions.

Read what parents are saying about their children’s experience!

Help your child develop essential life skills through proven processes in a fun, nurturing environment. Contact Karina Black at (303) 351-1828 or to schedule your child’s first keyboarding session today.

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