KeyboardingDoes your child struggle with keyboarding or simply need to learn to touch type? If your child resorts to hunting and pecking, even after they’ve taken keyboarding courses in school, then Skills 4 Life’s individualized sessions will help them develop the automatic sensorimotor skills required for efficient touch typing.

Good keyboarding skills are critical for the production of written work. If mastered at a young age, these skills will bring many years of benefit, including increased fluidity of thought, improved processing speed, and an increased willingness to write.

Getting off to the right start is essential. It’s more effective for children to learn how to type using proper finger-key associations than to develop bad habits that become increasingly difficult to change as time goes by.

Skills 4 Life’s typing classes teach children to touch type in as little as 8 sessions. Comparatively, many students attend 1 – 2 years of typing class in school without mastering these skills.

Children who will benefit from this program are those who:

  • Want to learn and/or master the foundational life skill of keyboarding
  • Have slow or laborious written output
  • Have dysgraphia and/or dyslexia
  • Think faster than they can write
  • Don’t sufficiently express their knowledge when they put pencil to paper

What Students will accomplish:

  • Attain basic touch typing skills in 8 sessions, including all letters and basic punctuation keys
  • Time permitting, students will learn number and symbol keys, how to type to dictation, as well as practice transcription and composition
  • Students will type at an age-appropriate words per minute with a minimum of 90% accuracy

Program logistics:

  • Summer 8-day intensives: Tuesdays – Fridays, for 2 weeks,  at 11 am – 12 pm OR 6 pm – 7 pm, June through mid-August
  • School year 8-day intensives: Tuesdays – Fridays, for 2 weeks, at 6 pm – 7 pm throughout the school year
  • Individual and semi-private lessons are available
  • Classes will be held in our South Boulder Office

Help your child develop important life skills through proven processes in a fun, nurturing environment. Contact Karina Black at (303) 351-1828 or to schedule your child’s first keyboarding session today.