Are online distractions keeping your child from finishing their projects? Does your student struggle to stay focused when completing online homework assignments? Nowadays, most middle school and high school students use the internet to complete homework assignments, which can lead to a good deal of distraction and procrastination- especially with the proliferation of social networking sites.

Help your student minimize online distractions and maximize efficiency using these tools:

360 Thinking Time Tracker

360 Thinking Time Tracker is an app that helps students learn to stay on task long enough to bring a project to fruition. Better time management allows students to plan the necessary steps and assemble the right materials to complete a project. The app also allows students to review past projects and analyze their time management and efficiency levels so as to optimally plan for future assignments.

iFocus App

The iFocus app allows students to improve their time management and avoid procrastination and distraction by bringing their awareness to how much time they spend on their computers, including email, internet searches, social networking, word processing, and even specific websites. This process aids in the kind of self-monitoring that leads to efficient and focused work.

SelfControl App

SelfControl is a free and open-source application for Mac OS X that allows students to develop a list of distracting websites or other internet functions and block their own access to those sites for a specific period of time. This app enables them to take charge of their own ability to focus and manage time, rather than needing parental monitoring to stay on-task.

Freedom App

The Freedom app disables the internet for a specific time period so that students can work on their computers without being distracted.

Anti-Social App

Social media is one of the biggest online distractions from students. The Anti-Social app blocks social networking sites while still allowing the use of the internet for homework.

F.lux App

F.lux makes the color of a computer’s display lighting adapt to the time of day that the computer is being used: warm colors at night and sunlight during the day. F.lux is a great app for students who do their homework before bed, and it may help students with electronic equipment in their bedrooms sleep better, by reducing the blue light that computers emit at night.

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