Are online distractions keeping your child from finishing their projects? Does your student struggle to stay focused when completing online homework assignments? Nowadays, most middle school and high school students use the internet to complete homework assignments. That can lead to a good deal of distraction and procrastination – especially with the proliferation of social networking sites.

Educational Apps to Minimize Online Distractions

Skills 4 Life compiled the following list of educational apps. They help Pre-K through high school students minimize online distractions and maximize efficiency. Try one today!

360 Thinking Time Tracker

360 Time Tracker App

360 Thinking Time Tracker is an app that helps students learn to stay on task long enough to bring a project to fruition. Better time management allows students to plan the necessary steps and assemble the right materials to complete a project. The app also allows students to review past projects and analyze their time management and efficiency levels. As a result, the app teaches them how to plan for future assignments.

Forest App

Forest helps students stay focused by planting a seed to build a tree. If the student stays focused the tree will grow. However, if they pick up their phone during the time they should be productive, the tree will die. Students choose the trees they want to grow in their virtual forest. In turn, Forest partners with Trees for the Future to plant real trees!

Freedom App

The Freedom app disables the internet for a specific time period so that students can work on their computers without being distracted.

SelfControl App

Self Control App

SelfControl is a free and open-source application for Mac OS X that allows students to develop a list of distracting websites or other internet functions. Then, the app blocks the student’s access to those sites for a specific period. SelfControl enables students to take charge of their own ability to focus and manage time. Therefore, parents don’t need to monitor students to stay on-task.

StayFocused App

Stay Focused App

StayFocused is a Google extension that helps students attend to the task at hand by restricting the amount of time they can spend on time-wasting websites.

For additional resources to help you manage your time, check out our favorite time management apps.

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