Skills 4 Life Provides Online Services for Families in Colorado

We hope you and your family are in good health during these stressful times. Life as we know it has radically changed in the past few weeks. As parents, many of you are suddenly besieged by the task of not only homeschooling your children for the first time but also attempting to work from home while juggling multiple other daily activities. Our team has been working hard to adapt our services to an online platform so we can continue to serve you and your children during this challenging time.

We are committed to our Skills 4 Life community. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a complimentary session to existing clients – Parenting Tips and Techniques for Surviving this Pandemic. We are also offering 10% off on your first online session.

Current Skills 4 Life Online Services

Here is a list of current services that we are offering online for families in Colorado. 

EXISTING CLIENT SPECIAL: Parenting Tips & Techniques for Surviving a Pandemic

Since we already know you and your children, we’d be delighted to help you with planning and time management strategies, suggesting non-screen time activities, brainstorming ways to engage in purposeful play, and recommending activities of daily living specific to your child’s needs.

We’re offering existing clients an initial complimentary 30-minute session to help you support your kids in being as productive as possible and managing stress in the household.

After the initial complimentary 30-minute session, we will provide ongoing services at our standard rates.

Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching for Middle School and High School Students: 

We are offering two new packages to help your student manage the unique challenges of an online classroom environment. Our program will help your child create goals, develop new habits, and be set up for success while they learn online. 

  • Package One: Weekly 60-minute online coaching sessions on Mondays with daily 15-minute follow up sessions Tuesday through Friday. Weekly investment: $220.
  • Package Two: Weekly 60-minute online coaching sessions on Mondays with two 15-minute follow up sessions during the week. Weekly investment: $165. 

Executive Function Coaching for Elementary School Students: We are happy to continue to provide parent and student coaching to our students based on your individual needs or current plan of care.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Our current 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Class is already underway, but we are opening the course up to additional students and offering sessions next week for new students to catch up with the content from our first two classes. If interested, please contact Karina at ASAP! 

Makeup classes will take place on March 25 & 27 from 1-2 pm.
Regularly scheduled classes resume on March 30 from 5:15-6:15 pm and meet every Monday at the same time online until we can safely resume at the South Boulder office. Classes continue through May 18.

Handwriting Sessions

Individual 60-minute Handwriting Sessions are available Tuesdays through Fridays for your child to continue their plan of care.

Based on the change to our new online format, we will require a parent to be present or available with any elementary school students during their session. We will also be building in an extra 10 minutes to all sessions to compensate for any unforeseen technical challenges that may arise.

Need to Schedule an Appointment or Book Online Services for Your Child?

Please contact your therapist to schedule appointments via email or phone: 

Call our offices at 303-351-1828 or email to schedule online services.

Learn More About GoToMeeting

Skills 4 Life Occupational Therapy is using GoToMeeting to conduct online sessions. For those unfamiliar with GoToMeeting, here’s a link to an instructional YouTube video about the platform: . The video dedicates the first two minutes to new users.

Check Out Our Social Media Feed for Fun & Educational At-Home Activities

If you don’t follow us on social media yet, now is the time to start! Our pages recommend fun and educational activities for you to do with your children at home.

You can find Skills for life on Facebook or Pinterest!

Also, here’s a great resource we thought may be helpful during this time: The Ultimate List of Educational Companies Offering FREE Subscriptions Due to School Closures

Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information about our online services.