The Tools You Need to Help Your Child Be Successful

There’s a lot of occupational therapy resources, products and materials available online. You want to access the best content quickly to help your child be successful at home or school but sifting through all that information can be overwhelming. So, Skills 4 Life has done the work for you and put it all in one place!

Check out the list of resources we’ve compiled to help you support your child. Skills 4 Life has handpicked a list of products, websites and educational apps for kids that complement the activities we use during our occupational therapy sessions. We hope you find them helpful!

Helpful Websites

Want more information about products & materials as well as resources for specific diagnoses? View our handpicked list of helpful websites!

Effective Learning Apps

Check out our list of fun educational apps that will help your child stay focused, be more productive & learn fundamental skills! Browse the apps now!

Academic Planners

Help your child learn how to manage their time better & track homework and projects more independently with this easy-to-use academic planner!

Therapist Approved Games & Toys for Kids

Educational and therapeutic games, toys, and activities that will allow your child to have fun and learn valuable skills at the same time! This gift guide is filled with recommendations organized by skill sets such as executive function, fine and gross motor skills, word games, time telling, visual perceptual skills, STEM, money skills, and much more.

“Karina helped our 5 year-old daughter with handwriting and general fine motor skills. She’s a community staple and seasoned OT who is professional, reliable and connected. Karina has advised us on all kinds of other supports – PT, speech therapists, therapists and more. She has been an important resource for us as we navigate parenting our oldest daughter. We hope to get into one of her ever popular keyboarding sessions next! ”
Kate Swartz, Boulder, CO

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