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Handwriting Evaluations, Instruction & Remediation

Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers handwriting evaluations, instruction, and remediation, in both manuscript and cursive, to students of all ages.

We can help if your child struggles with:Handwriting is Critical to Your Child’s Success. Learn more about handwriting services at Skills 4 Life!

  • an awkward pencil grip
  • hand fatigue or pain
  • proper letter formation
  • balancing speed with legibility
  • the desire to write
  • a significant disparity between written and verbal output
  • automaticity and fluidity with writing to keep up with their thoughts and peers
  • embarrassment regarding illegible writing
  • organizing the writing process and editing their work

Handwriting is Critical to Your Child’s Success

Handwriting – drawing sequential strokes to form letters – is more than putting letters on a piece of paper.

Writing by hand is a fundamental skill that requires a child to process information from multiple sources at one time. When they write, a child has to touch the paper; hold and move a pencil, pen, or stylus; and translate their thoughts into letters, words, and sentences.

Handwriting is also a complex motor skill that requires dexterity, strength, posture control, and the ability to make sense of visual information, such as letter recognition.

Learning to write is critical for your child’s cognitive development because it affects your child’s memory as well as their ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Some children may need extra help with the skills that play an essential role in their penmanship proficiency, and it’s never too late to learn!

Before and After Handwriting Samples

(click images to enlarge)

Handwriting of an 8-year-old student before handwriting instruction.

After 3 sessions of handwriting remediation!

 “In 6 weeks, my 9-year-old son’s handwriting went from illegible to Wow! Karina is a warm and knowledgeable handwriting tutor. My son found the exercises engaging, which heightened his motivation. His teachers were very impressed with his turnaround. We are delighted that he no longer struggles as hard, and the best of it all is that our son is really happy and proud of his handwriting transformation.”

Jane T., Boulder, CO

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Proper Handwriting

Poor handwriting skills can be fixed using evidence-based strategies, like the Handwriting Without Tears® method. Our classes use an engaging, developmentally progressive multisensory curriculum that makes it fun and easy for students to master the skill of legible, fluent handwriting.

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum has been developed over the years using research and practical application.

Handwriting Without Tears® works because the method uses:Handwriting Without Tears Certified logo

  • A hands-on approach to handwriting with multisensory activities that appeal to all learning styles.
  • Fun letter lessons and writing activities that keep students engaged.
  • Letter order and form that promote easy learning for every letter, print, and cursive.
  • A clean, intuitive, and straightforward approach

Talk to one of the pediatric occupational therapists at Skills 4 Life, who are experienced Handwriting Without Tears®-certified specialists. They can walk you through what options are available to get your child back on track. The results could be life-changing.

 “Both of our children went to Karina for help with handwriting. The results were truly amazing! Within just a few visits our oldest son’s handwriting went from completely illegible to clean and neat. On top of that, he learned cursive after just one visit! Our youngest son wasn’t interested in school, and his grades were suffering. After working with Karina, both of our boys’ confidence dramatically improved. They are feeling good about themselves and their grades have improved. In fact, the following term our 11 year old got straight A’s.  Thanks Karina!”

Matt H., Boulder, CO

Why Learning to Write Legibly is Important

A child’s success doesn’t just hinge on their ability to write. It hinges on their ability to write legibly.

Legible handwriting is easier to read and understand. If a teacher can’t read what a student has written, the answer becomes meaningless. And if the child can’t read their notes, the notes become useless. Therefore, the readability and clarity of the writing impacts the effectiveness of their communication.

student learning to write her name in cursiveStudies conducted by Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer at Princeton found that “participants who took longhand notes and were able to study them performed significantly better than participants in any of the other conditions.”

The ability to write legibly also creates less stress for the student. A child with strong handwriting skills doesn’t have to struggle with thinking about forming the letters. Instead, they can focus on answering the question and communicating their ideas.

Children who grapple with handwriting or writing legibly often experience frustration and embarrassment. They’re self-conscious about their inability to write and don’t want other children to make fun of them. And, because they can’t express themselves, they often become irritated and act out. They avoid writing and doing homework and may not want to go to school.

Poor penmanship can negatively impact a child’s self-esteem and academic success, the ramifications of which may reach well into their adulthood.

If your child struggles with writing legibly, call our office to learn how one of the certified Handwriting Without Tears® specialist at Skills 4 Life can help!


Handwriting sample from an 18-year-old before instruction.


Handwriting sample from 18-year-old after 2 sessions of handwriting remediation!


Handwriting of an 8-year-old student before handwriting instruction.


After 5 lessons!


6-year-old student’s capital letters from memory–1st session


Capital letters written from memory after 8 sessions of handwriting instruction.

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