Four Reasons for Using Song Play with Children

Whether you’re more of a “5 Little Monkeys” or “Wheels on the Bus” kind of person, music and song play have so many benefits for our little ones’ development!

Here are our top FOUR reasons for using song play with our babies, toddlers, and kiddos!

Motor Development

Think about how listening to music leads to fun movements. Whether it’s big movements like dancing, hopping, or shaking our body; or small movements like moving our fingers like a spider, counting on our fingers, or clapping – they’re all fun ways to strengthen our muscles.


Kids love singing along to songs or making up their own! Singing songs encourages children to imitate the words they are hearing. These can be simple sounds (animal or car sounds) or putting multiple words together. Have a child who isn’t yet verbal? Learning to imitate movements with their body is a great first step towards imitating sounds and words!

Eye Contact and Bonding

A recent study has found that babies will remain calm for twice as long when listening to a lullaby compared to baby talk or adult speech! When caregivers or parents sing lullabies and enhance their pitch, tone, and lyrics to soothe the baby, they will also feel a sense of security and care. In addition, you may find increased engagement with your older kiddos when a song is involved (see below!).

Increased Engagement

Have a routine that your child struggles to participate in? This might be cleaning up toys, self-care tasks like washing hands or brushing teeth, or maybe some therapy home activities like stretching or strengthening.

Try adding a song to these routines. Be silly and animated. Then, once your child starts attending to you or singing along, they’re already one step closer to participating more easily!

What are some of your favorite songs to sing with your child? Tell us in the comments!

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