Skills 4 Life Study Folder

Use the Skills 4 Life Study Folder to organize and study course materials before a test. The 3-pocket study folder includes pockets labeled “Know,” “Kind of Know,” and “Don’t know… Yet” to help organize materials.

The Study Folder can be used for multiple subjects throughout all grade levels.

How to use your Study Folder:

• Start by putting your study materials such as notes, old tests and flash cards in the pockets of the folder based on what you “Know,” “Kind of Know,” and “Don’t Know…Yet.”
• Begin by studying what you “Don’t know…Yet” and “Kind of Know.”
• As you continue to study, all material should move to the “Know” section of your folder.
• Don’t waste time studying what you already know!

Study Folders cost $10 each and come in dark blue and red, as featured above. A complimentary “Study Tips for Success” brochure and directions for use are included with each folder!

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Study Folders can be paid for with cash or check. Call or email Karina with any questions.

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