7 Habits Classes


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about the 7 Habits Class and my son’s instructor, Jordan! Not only was the content relevant, but the classroom activities were thoughtful and engaging. Following each class, my son was eager to share the next new habit. As parents, we were provided with tools to implement the habits simply at home. I have witnessed a tremendous transformation in my son’s self-confidence, independence, cooperation, and mindfulness of his needs and others. He has become much more proactive and feels empowered to apply the 7 Habits to his own life at school and at home. Already, I’ve noticed a change in his relationships at home and his overall contentment. I look forward to practicing the 7 Habits with my son beyond this classroom, as these principles benefit the whole family. Thank you, Skills 4 Life for another amazing class!” – Laura I., Boulder

“I got good strategies to solve problems in very specific and communicative ways.” – MJ, Age 8

“I liked the 7 Habits class because it helped me learn to be more respectful.” – Kaylynn, Age 8

“I’m not having a lot of mad times at home because I learned to be more proactive. I like how we always laughed.” – Student, Age 9

“Awesome class! Throughout the class, I learned how to be a better friend and how to be respectful because I listen and don’t get upset. The activities were really fun!” – Student, Age 9

“Karina’s 7 Habits class made my life more balanced and planned. It helped me get important things done.” – Campbell, Age 10

“It was very fun to learn the 7 Habits! I learned things that I will use for the rest of my life.” – Student, Age 10

“Karina’s class helped me because I learned a lot about what to do when something comes up, and it was really fun!” – Fred, Age 10

“The [activities] were fun and I liked how [we] had to work together. The class helped me most by having time and comfort to talk.” – A 5th-grade Student


“The 7 Habits class teaches kids to be proactive, but first things first, and to make better decisions. It taught me to have a practical attitude, something I had problems with. It also taught me to start with the end in mind and to renew myself every once in a while.” – Student, Age 11

“I would recommend Karina Black’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens class because it helped me learn to grow, become more proactive, goal set, prioritize, strengthen my relationships, see other perspectives, be a better team player, and to “recharge” and renew myself. Karina is an excellent teacher and works well with all personalities. Thanks, Karina!” – Student, Age 12

“Karina’s class helped me improve my relationships and be more proactive.” – Student, Age 12

“Amazing class!!! My biggest take away was learning not to procrastinate and manage my time better.” – Ben, An 8th-grade Student

“I can’t tell you what a changed boy my son is from taking Karina’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens class! It is a night and day difference. We had planned on putting him in counseling, but he is doing so well we decided to postpone it. Best thing we’ve ever done for him…thank you for all you are teaching him!” — Rebecca, Parent of a 13-year-old

“Not only was Karina’s class fun, but I’m now more aware of my choices and people’s feelings. I learned how to better myself and my relationships with others. It also got me thinking about where I want to be when I grow up.” –R.B., age 13

“Karina’s 7 Habits class was amazing! It helped me a lot with being a better and well-organized person.” – Student, Age 13

“This class was very fun and really helped me with myself and how I look at things. I tried using each habit that we learned every week. I would highly recommend this class to everybody and for everybody to read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” – Student, Age 13

“My family says I have been less grumpy, happier, and more helpful with jobs. I always feel happy when I come out of this class!” – J.M., Age 13

“This class was a lifesaver for my son and our whole family. A week before starting your class we had a meeting with all of his teachers to discuss ways they could help him adjust to middle school better. His grades were good in some classes, just okay in others. He seemed to have a lackadaisical approach to school work and was really struggling to fit in. My heart broke for him every Sunday night when he would start asking to not go to school.” – Rebecca M.

I noticed a difference in him after his second 7 Habits class. He began to take responsibility for his school work. He seemed to have less struggle fitting in at school. At home, he became a new boy! His temper tantrums all but stopped, he offered to help around the house and did things when I asked him. Truly, a miracle! I can’t thank you enough for providing this class. I don’t think it’s a resource every town or city has. Even if I would have read the book to him every night, it wouldn’t have sunk in. It had to come from an outside source. So thank you!!” — Parent of a 13-year-old Student

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