Executive Function Skills



“I liked the way the material in this workshop was presented. Learning how to use a planner was very helpful because I often end up doing work last minute. Also, going through how to break down the inventor project was helpful because big projects can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start.” – A Rising 7th-Grade Student

“My biggest takeaway from this workshop was Get Ready, Do, Done because I never really knew what to do first.” Hayden, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“I think this [workshop] will help me get better grades. The planner was the most helpful.” Beckett, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“The Power Half Hour was the most helpful part of this class. Learning how to use a planner, Get Ready-Do-Done, and organizing tips were great too!” Malcolm, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This class has taught me the best ways to stay organized.” David, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“The planner part of this workshop taught me how to manage time and homework…The binder [system] will help me stay organized.” Muriel, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“Karina’s class helped me get organized for middle school. She did a great job!” – A 6th-grade Student

“The whole class was helpful. It helped me with all my organization!” – Cole, A 6th-grade Student

“Great class overall! I especially liked the part on locker organization.” – A 6th-grade Student

“This workshop was very helpful in preparing me for middle school. I learned how to plan ahead and use a planner, which will help me remember when things are due. I also liked Karina’s tips on what to do with finished homework, so I make sure to turn it in. The LINCS cards will help me with studying.” – C. C., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“My biggest take away from this class is the time robber. It will help me with not having to do homework at the last minute. I also found [the instruction] on homework folders and binders helpful.” – Conall H., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This workshop covered every school problem and how to fix it, in a suitable amount of time. The method of how to estimate how long projects and homework take will help me finish school projects accurately and in time.” – C. L., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“My biggest take away was learning ‘Get Ready, Do, Done.’ Using it with fake assignments was really helpful and will make middle school assignments easier to get done.” – Riley C., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“I feel like the things I learned in this workshop will help me during my time at middle school. The organization and planning parts will help me be a more effective planner.” – Finn O., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This was a great workshop! I thought the ‘Get Ready, Do, Done’ part was the best.” – Riley H., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“How to take Cornell notes, be organized, and use a planner will help me with homework.” – Liam J., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This [workshop] was so fun you could make it into a week-long camp! My biggest takeaways were the Cornell note-taking lesson and the friends I made.” – E.M., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“It was a great class! Learning how to use a planner and ways to organize will make school less stressful.” – Amelie, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This class helped me get more organized and will help me consume my time more efficiently. Learning Cornell notes was most helpful.” – Finn, A Rising 6th-grade Student

“This was such a great class! The teachers were so kind and a great help. Learning to use the Cornell note system helped me take notes during the class so I can remember how to use my planner and do a Power Half Hour. Learning to use flashcards, knowing what to put where and the class, in general, helped prepare me for middle school.” – A Rising 6th-grade Student

“I loved this class! I found the lesson on how to use planners most helpful, and I got more ideas to organize.”  – Anna, A 6th-grade Student

“This class helped me be more aware of big projects and ‘project chunking.’ Very nice teacher. Good concepts.” – Holly, A 6th-grade Student

“This is a great class! The most helpful thing for me was the time telling section.” – Sally, A 6th-grade Student

“Learning to use my planner better, plan my schedule, and estimate how long tasks take was really helpful.” –A 6th-grade Student


“I thought learning how to manage and plan out big projects and long term assignments and get them done was the most helpful part of the workshop. Practicing organizing my planner to help me stay on track of my work was also really helpful.” – Nik, A Rising 9th-grade Student

“Learning strategies for success and time management skills will help me with school and life.” – Eric M., A Rising 11th-grade Student


“Karina’s work had a profound impact on our daughter. By helping her develop new skills, her self-esteem was rebuilt. We have been so lucky to meet and work with Karina in what could have been a very dark period. She was a lifesaver!” – Natalia M.


“I’m thrilled to say that after working with Karina my son got A’s in both the second and third trimester! So a year ago, he was one year behind grade level, and now he’s above his grade level. It was hard work and he struggled through it, and with Karina’s help, he achieved so much. I am so happy that we invested in Karina’s services; I think my son will head to middle school with a lot more confidence now. Thanks again.” – Christine D., Boulder, CO

We were referred to Karina at Skills 4 Life to help my son write more efficiently and also to help with his Executive Function Skills …. My son has a hard time with organization, and he would get very overwhelmed with bigger assignments and projects and have no idea where to start. Karina worked with him on how to handle his daily planner and she has an organization tool that did wonders for him when he had his next few big projects. He received the highest grade on these last few projects and he was able to lay it out in a way that he could see what he needed to do and do it. So unbelievably helpful! We will be back for more sessions eventually. Thank you, Karina! – Linley B., Parent of a 3rd-grade Student, Boulder, CO


“My twelve-year-old son really enjoys working with Holly. He says “she’s funny and cheerful, but you still get your work done.” I am so glad my son is working with Holly. She has helped him gain organizational skills, learn how to break down larger tasks, and know that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. Both of us enthusiastically recommend Holly.” – Kirstin G., Boulder, CO

“After working with Karina, my son is a more confident, self-sufficient boy who is working far more to his intellectual level.” – Laura P., Mother of a Middle School Student

“Thank you for all of the love, care, commitment, and support you’ve given my son over the past year! You have made such an amazing and positive impact in his life that will help him through the years in everything he does. You are such an incredible gift to those lives you touch.” – Liz G., Parent of a 6th-grade Student

“My experience at Skills 4 Life was amazing! The biggest help was with my school plan. Karina helped me devise a system to allow not only having my school work turned in on time, but it also gave me more time to do what I want to. The best way to sum up my time at Skills 4 Life is that it was helpful and fun.” – A 7th-grade Student

“Karina has taught me innumerable life skills. From typing with the correct fingers to being able to plan my weeks ahead, I’ve learned so much from her. I think she is a great life skills teacher and makes getting organized and efficient, very fun!” – Jaden A., A 7th-grade Student

“There are no words that can express enough thanks, gratitude, and appreciation for all that you have done for [my son]! His school life and how he operates in this world are more organized and less frustrating because of YOU!!! You are such a gift to all who are lucky enough to know you.” – Elizabeth C., Parent of an 8th-grade Student

“The skills you taught me were so helpful this semester. The Cornell note taking method really helped me with studying for my finals. I now feel prepared for my finals with all that you taught me. Thank you so much for everything you taught me!” -Eli C., 8th grade student

“Dear Karina, You really helped me and now I am doing incredibly well at school…Thank you so much for bestowing such wisdom upon me.” -Benno C., 8th grade student 


“We’ve worked with the Skills 4 Life team for one and a half years and the therapists have been incredible at engaging our teenage son, teaching him executive functioning skills, and instilling confidence in him. Our high school son has ADHD and has always really struggled to keep up in school. He now has an organization system that works for him and feels more independent and capable than ever. He has weekly sessions to set goals for grades, organize his study time, and review each class in-depth to fill in gaps. He has also learned how to respectfully advocate for himself and he has improved his study skills in numerous ways. In addition, two of our children have taken Skills 4 Life’s typing class and mastered typing amazingly quickly. We feel lucky to have them on our team!” – Pam W., Boulder, CO

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