Executive Function Skills

“After working with Karina, my son is a more confident, self-sufficient boy who is working far more to his intellectual level.”  – Laura P., mother of middle school student

“Karina’s work had a profound impact on our daughter. By helping her develop new skills, her self-esteem was rebuilt. We have been so lucky to meet and work with Karina in what could have been a very dark period. She was a life saver!” – Natalia M.

“I’m thrilled to say that after working with Karina my son got A’s in both second and third trimester! So a year ago, he was one year behind grade level, and now he’s above his grade level. It was hard work and he struggled through it, and with Karina’s help, he achieved so much. I am so happy that we invested in Karina’s services; I think my son will head to middle school with a lot more confidence now. Thanks again.” – Christine D., Boulder, CO

“My experience at Skills 4 Life was amazing! The biggest help was with my school plan. Karina helped me devise a system to allow not only having my school work turned in on time, but it also gave me more time to do what I want to. The best way to sum up my time at Skills 4 Life is that it was helpful and fun.” – 7th grade student

“Karina has taught me innumerable life skills. From typing with the correct fingers to being able to plan my weeks ahead, I’ve learned so much from her. I think she is a great life skills teacher and makes getting organized and efficient, very fun!” – Jaden A., 7th grade student

“I loved this class! I found the lesson on how to use planners most helpful, and I got more ideas to organize.”  – Anna, 6th grade student  

“This class helped me be more aware of big projects and ‘project chunking.’ Very nice teacher. Good concepts.” – Holly,  6th grade student

“This is a great class! The most helpful thing for me was the time telling section.” – Sally, 6th grade student

“Learning to use my planner better, plan my schedule, and estimate how long tasks take was really helpful.” – 6th grade student

“Karina’s class helped me get organized for middle school. She did a great job!” – 6th grade student

“The whole class was helpful. It helped me with all my organization!” –Cole, 6th grade student

“Great class overall! I especially liked the part on locker organization.” – 6th grade student