“Holly Lind and Skills 4 Life have been life-changing for our son, who has dyslexia/dysgraphia and was falling behind with his writing skills. While he started therapy in person, before the pandemic, Holly made the transition to virtual sessions seamless. Instead of losing ground during these challenging circumstances, he has continued to grow. In October, we signed both of our kids up for the intensive keyboarding class. They went from hunt-and-peck to proper keyboarding in two weeks’ time, and it has been a game-changer for online learning, fostering independence, and allowing them to complete assignments more efficiently. It used to break our hearts to hear our neat little kid say that he was “stupid”. Since working with Holly, we don’t hear that anymore. He is feeling much more confident in his ability to learn and succeed, and we are so grateful.” – Abby K., Erie, CO

“I just STILL cannot believe [my daughter’s] writing improvement. I honestly would not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes. Can’t thank you all and especially Allison enough.” – Lesley M., Louisville, CO

“My 10-year-old son looks forward to working with Holly each week, both in-person (before the pandemic) and virtually, now that he’s meeting from home. We have seen a remarkable improvement in not only his writing but also his confidence and self-esteem as a result. Than you Skills 4 Life!” – Abby K.

“I’m thrilled to say that after working with Karina my son got A’s in both second and third trimester! So, a year ago, he was one year behind grade level, and now he’s above his grade level. It was hard work and he struggled through it, and with Karina’s help, he achieved so much.”

“Thanks to Karina’s help, my son has turned a mental corner and is putting himself out there on the writing frontier. We just finished with parent/teacher conferences, and the change in his writing evaluation from September to March is remarkable. He progressed from making halfhearted attempts at writing a few sentences to produce well-planned, multi-paragraph stories. He is participating in twice-weekly writing workshops during school hours and has even become the unofficial cheerleader of that group!” – Gwen M., Boulder, CO

“Karina was amazing at helping our son realize that he could have beautiful handwriting if he just made a few suggested adjustments. Now, when he puts his mind to it, his handwriting is not only legible, it’s beautiful! And, I know Karina’s instruction with him has increased his self-esteem, which is a huge bonus! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have undoubtedly changed the course of our son’s life forever.” – Lucy F., Louisville, CO

“We loved working with Karina, and our son learned so much. Thanks for helping him build his confidence in writing. I am so proud of everything you two accomplished!” – Julie, Boulder, CO



“Karina Black’s calm demeanor and deep understanding of handwriting skills got my four-year-old to hold his crayon correctly. Starting on the right track with writing will help give my son the confidence to express his creative ideas for years to come.  Thanks, Karina!” – Gabrielle F., Boulder County Parents of Twins & More (BCPTM) President

“I wanted to share something with you that just made my heart smile! Ethan is loving 2nd grade and I asked him what his favorite subject was and he said WRITING – but it’s 2nd behind PE. I asked him why and he said because he was better at writing than everyone else in his class. I don’t care if he is better than anyone else or not, but sure happy that he thinks he is good at it and likes it! I never had any doubt that I was doing the right thing in having him work with you, but that comment is beyond the results that I was expecting. And I’m sure it’s nice for you to hear too. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” – Dayna R., Boulder, CO

“I am so thrilled with the improvement in our son’s handwriting. His 2nd-grade teacher recommended Handwriting Without Tears to us.  The school teaches the children D’Nealian writing, and my son was more concerned with all the squiggles at the bottom of the letters than with the letters themselves.  We found Karina Black through the Handwriting Without Tears website. She is kind, patient, and supportive. She has helped my son learn how to form letters easily and legibly. He now writes with so much more confidence because everyone can read his work. These impressive results came quickly, which was a relief for all of us.  Thank you, Karina and Handwriting Without Tears!” – Diana S., Boulder, CO

“The handwriting tutoring N. has been receiving over the past few months has led to an increase in speed and confidence. It has also allowed his voice as a writer to emerge. The ideas and thoughts N. shares in his written work are impressive. N. is now rocking in writing!!!” – Christi K., 2nd & 3rd-grade Teacher

“What I liked about Karina is that she always had a game or two and that she always made things fun.” – Hazel, Age 7

“Wise. Witty. Wonderful! These are the first words that come to mind when I think about Karina and the work she is doing with our daughter.  Karina has an amazing delivery of the teaching craft and my child LOVES, LOVES, LOVES their one-on-one time together. The fact that our daughter is growing tremendously under her care is the icing on the cake. Karina is a gift. Anyone lucky enough to work under her care will surely thrive.”  – Cathy H., Teacher of 25 years & Mother of an 8-year-old, Boulder, CO

“Karina is a natural-born educator- upbeat, genuine, and knowledgeable. My 8-year-old son was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia and the Handwriting Without Tears Program was recommended. The multi-sensory approach coupled with Karina’s vast experience as both an occupational therapist and instructor has helped my son tremendously. I’ve had the privilege of sitting in on sessions and they are both interesting and fun. Karina changes modes throughout and my son stays engaged during the entire 50-minute session!” – Jane M., Boulder, CO

We met Karina about two years ago when my 4th-grade daughter decided to work on her handwriting. Not only did my daughter’s handwriting improve significantly, but she also worked on her cursive and keyboarding skills. By the time my daughter reached 5th grade, her cursive and typing skills were way beyond her peers. This year we took Karina’s 7 Healthy Habits course, during which my daughter learned time management, organizational and better listening skills. I cannot speak highly enough about Karina’s exceptional professionalism and the kind (but always structured!) way she worked with my daughter. We look forward to working with her again when my daughter takes her Executive Function class to prepare for Middle School. Karina works out of a lovely and safe office space in N. Boulder, and I always felt comfortable dropping my daughter off. Karina is a real find! – Pamela A., Boulder, CO

“In 6 weeks, my 9-year-old son’s handwriting went from illegible to Wow! Karina is a warm and knowledgeable handwriting tutor. My son found the exercises engaging, which heightened his motivation. His teachers were very impressed with his turnaround. We are delighted that he no longer struggles as hard, and the best of it all is that our son is really happy and proud of his handwriting transformation.” – Jane T., Boulder, CO


“I am so happy that we invested in Karina’s services; I think my son will head to middle school with a lot more confidence now. Thanks again.” – Christine D., Boulder, CO

My son went to Skills 4 Life for handwriting and keyboarding (typing) lessons.  At age 11/12, he wasn’t thrilled to take another class but ended up loving Karina and Tess, her therapy dog.  His writing and typing also improved tremendously in a very short time.  Definitely worth it! – Nancy B., Boulder, CO

“Both of our children went to Karina for help with handwriting. The results were truly amazing! Within just a few visits our oldest son’s handwriting went from completely illegible to clean and neat. On top of that, he learned cursive after just one visit! Our youngest son wasn’t interested in school, and his grades were suffering. After working with Karina, both of our boys’ confidence dramatically improved. They are feeling good about themselves and their grades have improved. In fact, the following term our 11-year-old got straight A’s. Thanks, Karina! – Matt H., Broomfield, CO

“Karina worked magic with my son and daughter. She remediated my son’s poor handwriting skills. He now prints and writes in cursive beautifully, and his confidence in his handwriting has fostered his love for writing. We no longer struggle with homework! The Handwriting Without Tears program has helped my daughter become more confident with her handwriting skills, thereby making schoolwork and homework less grueling. I can honestly say that she is a writer! Karina has also helped my daughter become more organized with her schoolwork and more aware of her responsibilities at home. Monday is her favorite day of the week because she gets to work with Karina! Thank you, Karina.” – Kristin B. Boulder, CO

“My eleven-year-old grandson was really struggling with his handwriting. He was starting to get frustrated at school because it took him so long to perform tasks that required writing. This was unacceptable to his “Grammy,” so I started looking for a solution.  “Coach Karina” has been able to accommodate our busy schedule and in just a few months has made a huge difference in how this eleven-year-old views himself and his ability to perform as he heads into middle school.” – Bonnie S. Boulder, CO

“All my grades have gone up since I started working on my handwriting with Karina.” – A 7th-grade Student

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