“In October, we signed both of our kids up for the intensive keyboarding class. They went from hunt-and-peck to proper keyboarding in two weeks’ time, and it has been a game-changer for online learning, fostering independence, and allowing them to complete assignments more efficiently. It used to break our hearts to hear our neat little kid say that he was “stupid”. Since working with Holly, we don’t hear that anymore. He is feeling much more confident in his ability to learn and succeed, and we are so grateful.” – Abby K., Erie, CO


“I like [Skills 4 Life’s typing program] because it is very fun and I learned a lot. I mean a lot!” – Gray H., A 3rd-grade Student

“This class helped me learn how to type and it was amazing. I learned so much and now I’m fluently typing and not getting much wrong.” -James H., A 5th-grade Student

“I loved learning to type properly, NOT using just my pointer fingers. And this class is an extraordinary learning opportunity for children.” – Rollie C., A 5th-grade Student

“This class helped me to learn how to use the correct fingers for the keys and how to use all of my fingers. I liked that it pushed us to get to the castle.” – Oz Z., A 4th-grade Student

“Your keyboard helped make it easier to learn the keys.” – Will, Age 7

“This class was amazing! My typing skills improved a lot. I think the textured keyboard helped a lot.” – Damian P., A Rising 4th-grade Student

“I knew how to type fast, but I looked down at the keys, so that’s why I took this class. First things first, Karina is very nice. She’s very easy to get along with, and she’s very funny. If you do something wrong, she helps you, not yell at you. Another reason why I recommend this class is that it helps…A LOT! The first lessons you get a special keyboard that helps build up memory of where the keys are. Then you use the normal keyboard. The only thing I didn’t like about this class is…ERROR: NO CONS FOUND! I am now able to type without looking at my hands or keyboard. When I look around my classroom, nearly everyone is looking at the keys and typing around 4WPM. Thanks a lot, Karina!”  – Cormac O’B, A 4th-grade Student

“Typing was hard because I didn’t know how. Karina taught me, and I learned to type without looking at my hands. Now I can type my own papers for school!” – Declan, Age 9

“Typing with Karina was a great way to learn to type! From the first day I started, to now, I learned how to type in seven hours, and it was really fun too! I will never forget how to type because of Karina, and it will help me with school studies. I will never stop typing.” – “Grey Grey,” Age 9

“Karina’s Skills 4 Life typing class is literally the best way to learn to type. You learn on a textured keyboard, which helps you know where to put your fingers, and the program is a great!” – Student, Age 9

“This class was very helpful! In the beginning, typing was just hunt and peck and I was slow and bad. Now, with the keys covered, I learned all of the letters, numbers, and symbols without looking at my hands! In the future, I will be faster.” – Madeline S., A 5th-grade Student

“I recommend [Skills 4 Life’s typing program] for kids that want to learn how to type. It makes typing funner than fun!”- Dax, 4th-grade student

“Karina is an exceptional teacher and has a unique program to teach touch typing fast! My two children have had maybe 6 or 7 sessions and are already touch typing to dictation.” – Virginia S., Parent of a 5th & 7th-grade Student

“I recently took the Skills 4 Life typing class and I am typing at the level of a 7th grader, yet I am only going into 5th grade. I learned how to type in 3 hours and 45 minutes! I also really enjoyed taking this class. It was not like work at all. It was mostly fun games. I learned how to type transcribed text, type to dictation, and type my ideas. Karina was always very nice. She would always answer any questions I had. This was a great typing class and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to touch type.” – Abe P., Age 10


“This class helped me improve my typing skills. Before this class, I knew how to type, but not with all of my fingers and putting my fingers in the right place. But after the two weeks, I have gotten way better and now I know where to put all of my fingers. The speed is still coming with more practice but the accuracy has gotten better.” – Maddie V., An 8th-grade Student

“I think this class was great for many reasons. 1. The teacher, Anna, was really nice and helpful. 2. I got to do it with a friend. 3. The class helped a LOT, like A LOT, A LOT, with typing. – 6th-grade student”

“I was thrilled to find Karina Black. My 11-year-old literally learned to type in three sessions and completely took off after that, ready to go into 6th grade! And my 7-year-old learned correct fundamentals of finger placement and was amazed at her own success with Karina’s touch keyboard, games, and gentle encouragement. She too learned to type, in very few sessions and with delight!” – Diane H.

“I really enjoyed this typing class. Anna was a great teacher to help me get set up and boosted for the starting [school year]. Before these classes I looked down at the keyboard but now I look up and type pretty fast with ease. Thanks to these lessons I am a MUCH better typer and fully appreciate my instructors for working their hardest to teach me!”
-Will L. 6th-grade student

“This class has helped me soooooo much! It has made me a better typer and it was also fun. Karina’s special keyboard really helped.  She also had a great, fun app on the computer that teaches you how to type. Finally, it was great to learn how to type because we use it so much in school. That is why this class was so fun and helpful.” – Blaine K., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“I have thought of this class as a productive time to learn how to type without looking at my hands. This class will help me in middle school because I now type faster and with less mistakes.” – Eric Y., A Rising 6th-grade Student

“Don’t get me wrong, I have really hated this class. No sleeping in—no, no, no. But I could not have wished for a better teacher. Plus, she has one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I have learned how to type, and it will help me with middle school.” – Jackson B.,A Rising 6th-grade Student

“I thought that this class was very productive. I learned to touch-type in 2 hours! (Or two classes.) My speed also tripled from 20 to 60 WPM. I also enjoyed the touch keyboard, which made it easier not to look, plus, it just felt good to touch it. Karina is a great teacher and isn’t one of those kinds of teachers that’s like: “ALRIGHT, TODAY WE ARE GOING TO DO TYPING! GO FASTER! RAWR!” No. To me, she’s a teacher, but also a friend. We made jokes, I told her riddles, she told me riddles, etc. and that was fun. Old habits were destroyed, and new ones were made. I thought I was typing right, but not by a long shot! The habit of looking down at my keyboard has gone, and the new habit of becoming a Touch Typist has developed. In short, I recommend this class to anybody, young or old. Thanks, Karina!” – Finn O., A 6th-grade Student

“Typing with Karina Black has been an amazing experience for my sister and me. I learned the letter keys with a special keyboard that had different textures for each finger. This means that I always use the right fingers for all of the keys. Karina’s keyboard taught me to type without looking at the keys. Once I learned the different keys, Karina had me build up my speed on a regular keyboard. I now feel ready for 7th grade!”  – James, Age 12

“My typing speed has improved tremendously since I learned to touch-type with Karina. The most helpful tool was learning with a textured keyboard. The different textures made it easier to identify which letter is where. Transitioning to the smooth keyboard made it easy to type at home. I am very thankful to have learned how to nearly double my speed in only eight days!” – Nina K., Age 13

“This class helped me type faster than I could before and correctly and more accurately. The textured keyboard helped me learn the keymap and ultimately increased my speed by a lot.” – Pete B., A Rising 7th-grade Student

“I woke up one morning thinking it will be a regular summer day, me reading playing video games, and hanging out with my friends and family. Then it hit me like a wrecking ball to the gut that my dad signed me up for a typing class. I had no idea why; I was just fine how I was. I would stare at the keyboard and type away with one hand. This class was so much different than what we did in school. When [Karina] had me fill out a blank keyboard it made me look like a fool. [She] did not lose hope on me; she plopped me in front of a keyboard that I could not see. I typed and typed until I learned where all of the keys are and now here I am typing this paragraph.” – Oliver M., A Rising 7th-grade Student

“Typing class has helped me in numerous ways. School papers take up less and less time because I can think as fast as I can type. I have achieved more than double my typing speed before I came and took classes. Before typing lessons, I looked down at my hands and was unaware of where my fingers were supposed to be on the keyboard. Now I am able to type without looking at my hands, and I know exactly what finger is supposed to go on what key. I also have a lot of fun attending these classes. The program is really fun, and Miss Allyson and Miss Karina both had really interesting and effective techniques that helped me learn how to type faster.” – Kate S., A 7th-grade Student

“Karina has taught me innumerable life skills. From typing with the correct fingers to being able to plan my weeks ahead, I’ve learned so much from her. I think she is a great life skills teacher and makes getting organized efficient and very fun!” – Jaden A., A 7th-grade Student

“This class was very fun! I enjoyed the website we used to learn the keys. Also, the keyboard used in the beginning was very helpful in learning what keys go with which finger…Overall this class is very helpful. I would recommend anyone who doesn’t know their keys and can’t type should definitely take this class because the way this world is today it would really help to know how to type.” -Magnus W., An 8th-grade Student

“I liked the keyboarding class. I enjoyed it because you learn how to type faster than you would usually. You learn all of the keys and the teachers don’t rush you. The teachers here are really nice.” -Kolton R., 6th grade



“My parents signed me up for this typing class pre-high school, knowing I’d need proper typing skills to excel. As soon as the keys were covered on [Karina’s special keyboard], my brain took on a completely different approach. When I couldn’t see the letters, I adapted and began to learn the keys by touch and muscle memory. By the time I transitioned away from the textured keyboard, my fingers had begun to know where to go instinctively. All that is left now is to practice more, but I’m proud to say I typed this without looking at my hands!” – A Rising 9th-grade Student

“When my mom first told me she had signed me up for a typing class I was skeptical because I thought I was a fairly good typist. What I didn’t realize was that I had some bad habits that were inhibiting me from typing fast and accurately. I was thoroughly surprised by how this class quickly taught me the correct typing form in a fun and engaging way. The mix of lessons as well as games made time fly, and I was amazed by how much my speed and accuracy improved. I had a lot of fun, and I came out of it more prepared for writing assignments and projects at school. I would wholeheartedly recommend this class to people of all ages who are not confident in their typing skills or would like to improve as I did.” – Grace S., A 10th-grade Student

“This class has helped me in many ways. It has taught me not only to type, but it has also taught me patience and perseverance. Before this class, if I made a mistake typing I would start to get annoyed, and I would start to make more mistakes. Now, when I mess up, I am able to correct it and move on. This class has also taught me to be patient because I am a slow typer compared to other typists. All in all, I would highly recommend this class to a friend not only because they will become a better typist but because they will learn other important life skills like patience and perseverance.” – Jacob S., A Rising 10th-grade Student

“I really liked the class and made so much progress on my typing. I thought Anna was great and I definitely would come back.” – 9th-grade student

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