“I thought that this class was very productive. I learned to touch type in 2 hours! (Or two classes.) My speed also tripled from 20 to 60 WPM. I also enjoyed the touch keyboard, which made it easier not to look, plus, it just felt good to touch it. Karina is a great teacher, and isn’t one of those kind of teachers that’s like: “ALRIGHT, TODAY WE ARE GOING TO DO TYPING! GO FASTER! RAWR!” No. To me, she’s a teacher, but also a friend. We made jokes, I told her riddles, she told me riddles, etc. and that was fun. Old habits were destroyed, and new ones were made. I thought I was typing right, but not by a long shot! The habit of looking down at my keyboard has gone, and the new habit of becoming a Touch Typist has developed. In short, I recommend this class to anybody, young or old. Thanks, Karina!”  – Finn O., 6th grade student

“I knew how to type fast, but I looked down at the keys, so that’s why I took this class. First things first, Karina is very nice. She’s very easy to get along with, and she’s very funny. If you do something wrong, she helps you, not yell at you. Another reason why I recommend this class is that it helps…A LOT! The first lessons you get a special keyboard that helps build up memory of where the keys are. Then you use the normal keyboard. The only thing I didn’t like about this class is…ERROR: NO CONS FOUND! I am now able to type without looking at my hands or keyboard. When I look around my classroom, nearly everyone is looking at the keys and typing around 4WPM. Thanks a lot Karina!”  – Cormac O’B, 4th grade student

“Karina is an exceptional teacher and has a unique program to teach touch typing fast! My two children have had maybe 6 or 7 sessions and are already touch typing to dictation.” – Virginia S., parent of a 5th and 7th grader

“I was thrilled to find Karina Black. My 11-year-old literally learned to type in three sessions and completely took off after that, ready to go into 6th grade! And my 7-year-old learned correct fundamentals of finger placement and was amazed at her own success with Karina’s touch keyboard, games, and gentle encouragement. She too, learned to type, in very few sessions and with delight!” – Diane H.

“I recently took the Skills 4 Life typing class and I am typing at the level of a 7th grader, yet I am only going into 5th grade. I learned how to type in 3 hours and 45 minutes! I also really enjoyed taking this class. It was not like work at all. It was mostly fun games. I learned how to type transcribed text, type to dictation, and type my ideas. Karina was always very nice. She would always answer any questions I had. This was a great typing class and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to touch type.” –Abe P., age 10

“My typing speed has improved tremendously since I learned to touch type with Karina. The most helpful tool was learning with the textured keyboard. The different textures made it easier to identify which letter is where. Transitioning to the smooth keyboard made it easy to type at home. I am very thankful to have learned how to nearly double my speed in only eight days!” –Nina K., age 13

“Typing with Karina Black has been an amazing experience for my sister and me. I learned the letter keys with a special keyboard that had different textures for each finger. This means that I always use the right fingers for all of the keys. Karina’s keyboard taught me to type without looking at the keys. Once I learned the different keys, Karina had me build up my speed on a regular keyboard. I now feel ready for 7th grade!”  – James, age 12

“Typing with Karina was a great way to learn typing! From the first day I started, to now, I learned how to type in seven hours, and it was really fun too! I will never forget how to type because of Karina, and it will help me with school studies. I will never stop typing.”   – “Grey Grey,” age 9

“The textures on Karina’s special keyboard are really helpful in letting me know if my fingers are on the right keys. Thanks Karina!”  Student, age 11

“Karina’s Skills 4 Life typing class is literally the best way to learn to type. You learn on a textured keyboard, which helps you know where to put your fingers, and Typer Island is a great typing program.” – Student, age 9

“Your keyboard helped make it easier to learn the keys.”  Will, age 7

“Typing was hard because I didn’t know how. Karina taught me, and I learned to type without looking at my hands. Now I can type my own papers for school!”   – Declan, age 9

“Karina has taught me innumerable life skills. From typing with the correct fingers to being able to plan my weeks ahead, I’ve learned so much from her. I think she is a great life skills teacher and makes getting organized efficient and very fun!” – Jaden A., 7th grade student 

“Now that we have to do standardized testing on the computer, I’m so glad I know how to type. It made it so much easier! It eats away your time if you don’t know how to type. Now I can get my work done faster.” – K.M., 5th grade student