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Executive Function Coaching

Elementary through High School Students

Skills 4 Life Keyboarding Intensives

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Skills 4 Life offers a variety of classes in Boulder, Colorado to help children – from infants to teens – cultivate fundamental age-appropriate skill sets. Our pediatric therapists specialize in early intervention strategies, handwriting, keyboarding, social & emotional learning, as well as executive function coaching.
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Be Proactive About Your Child’s Development & Academic Success

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When children struggle with basic skills, such as handwriting, turning in homework assignments, or regulating their behavior, they may experience stress, frustration, and embarrassment. They often become self-conscious about their inability to perform these everyday tasks, especially in comparison to their peers. As a result, they can become overwhelmed, act out, or avoid doing the work altogether. Consequently, a child’s academic performance suffers and so does their self-esteem. The long-term ramifications of this can affect every aspect of their life.

For a parent, it can be difficult to know when or how to intervene. It’s natural to be under the impression that poor penmanship isn’t serious, or that a child’s inability to control their impulses is just a phase they’re going through. However, these skills represent important developmental milestones that pave the way toward better performance and a more satisfying relationship with teachers, friends, and family.

The ability to produce legible handwriting means that a child’s work is more likely to be read. It also transforms the writing process from an onerous task into the vehicle for creative self-expression that it is meant to be.

Improved impulse control brings with it a wide variety of social and academic opportunities that are far less available to a child who is dysregulated or disinhibited.

The earlier you get your child the help they need with these fundamental skills, the easier it is to resolve. It’s never too late for your child to learn the academic and social or emotional skills they need to become a happy, healthy, and prosperous adult. So, don’t wait. Be proactive in helping your child reach their full potential. Contact Skills 4 Life today for a consultation.

“We have worked with many Occupational Therapists over the years and have seen the most positive results from Skills 4 Life.” 

Jenn K., Boulder, CO

Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy Uses Evidence-Based Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed

Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers your child a safe, compassionate environment to learn the critical skills they need to be successful.

The experienced therapists at Skills 4 Life specialize not only in handwriting, keyboarding, and executive function coaching but also work with children on social-emotional learning, motor skills, self-regulation strategies, and activities of daily living.

Skills 4 Life develops an individualized plan of care for each child based upon their specific needs. We use evidence-based strategies to help your child master age-appropriate developmental skills, become more independent, increase academic success and develop the confidence they need to thrive.

The results speak for themselves!

“Skills 4 Life has been an amazing positive and life-changing experience for my daughter and our family. After being diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, we were overwhelmed by the amount of information and “solutions” out there. We are so grateful to have found Karina and her team. Skills 4 Life not only builds skills and manageable systems to support executive functioning, they build self-confidence and a sense of meaningful purpose to learning. As a result, my daughter, has a newfound positive approach to challenges, both in life and at school!”
Maria M., Boulder, CO

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Skills 4 Life South Boulder Office Opens May 14

Skills 4 Life South Boulder Office Opens May 14

The Skills 4 Life South Boulder office is now OPEN! 

We realize that beginning or resuming in-person therapy is an individual choice based on your comfort level and risk factors. Rest assured that the health and safety of your children is our top priority.

We will continue to provide online services to families throughout Colorado as an on-going treatment option.

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